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Our Story:


JB Millworks started in the installation industry, working there for over ten years.  Our team was faced with the constant challenge of providing consistent quality and service to our customers.  These challenges arose, not due to a lack of desire or commitment from our team, but due to the inability of relying on our distributors we had relied on for years.

The frustration resulting from this experience caused our team to consider the possibility of providing our own materials to our customers, thus eliminating the challenge of relying on other people to maintain the service we strive to provide to our customers consitently.


We decided the best step was to move towards manufacturing and selling molding along with installation.  We began by manufacturing a hand full of our most popular moldings in the barn at Owner, Jeremie Price's house.  Through this experience, we realized the possibility of manufacturing and selling products was achievable.  A few months later we made the commitment to begin the retail side of the company and creat

From the beginning, JB Millworks was started with the customer in mind. The beginning of our company is of tremendous importance to our team because in our minds the right beginning is paramount for future success.