Is MDF better than Wood?

When it comes to engineered wood, MDF is often considered a level above plywood. It is denser, stronger and more durable. For these reasons, it has almost as many applications as solid wood. Many homeowners tend to look down on MDF Wood with the perception that it performs poorly when measured against solid wood

What are the advantages of MDF?

MDF is hard to both flex or crack. Although MDF is technically made out of wood, its structure is absolutely different. ... MDF is more affordable and easier to supply. Generally, MDF boards come at a lower price than natural wood. ... MDF is easier to paint and seal. ... MDF is BEST for cabinetry.

What is a Bi-Fold Door?

Bi-fold doors feature two or more panels hinged together at the ends so that they slide open to easily “fold” together to one side. When closing, the panels slide to unfold and begin to straighten out end to end.

Bi-fold doors add practical and aesthetic benefit to both commercial and residential spaces. Bi-fold doors can connect spaces when opened and separate spaces when closed. When open, they can connect indoor and outdoor spaces to let in fresh air, but still let in a ton of sun light when closed.

What are the benefits of Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors create large and unobstructed openings since the panels stack open neatly out of the way.

Bi-fold doors are easy and fun to operate. To open, you just have to undo the locks and pull the handles. The doors move easily on a track and fold together to one side with little effort. It is also fun to watch them fold together and transform from a huge door to a huge opening. Bi-fold door systems also include an optional swing door at one end, allowing quick and easy in/out access without having to open the full door system.

Bi-fold doors offer light and views when they are closed as well. With a full glass doo panel, more light is able to come in and you are able to catch great views.

Can you build a Mantel to fit my wall?

With exception of our log mantle’s they are all custom built.

If I need one a few inches bigger / longer than a standard, does it add to the price?

Many times, adding a few inches in one direction or another doesn’t add cost. In most cases general design is what changes the price, not length or width.

Is it cheaper if I stain it rather than paint it?

Paint Grade is normally less expensive. The quality of the lumber doesn’t have to be as good and the finish is much more forgiving.

Can you build a door to fit in my brick opening without having to cut out the brick?

This is a great question. YES, in most cases we can build a wood door to fit your opening exactly and the exterior facade isn't affected in the least. However, if you choose to go with a Steel or Fiberglass Door the chances of having to adjust the Exterior Facade is much greater. It's always best to call the office 706-965-6940 / and schedule an appointment with Jeremie Price. ([email protected])

I have been told that Wood Doors cause more issues regarding maintenance than steel or Fiberglass. Is this true?

That’s a hard one! This really depends on several variables. The amount of exposure your door has to the elements, the amount of overhang or roof you have at the door location, the way it was finished originally and the maintenance plan you put in place. If a wood door has proper overhang, is finished to the factory specs and is maintained to meet the finish manufacture requirements, it’s my opinion that a wood door will last as long or possibly even longer than a steel or fiberglass door. Steel doors tend to rust out pretty quickly, dent super easy and delaminate under intense heat. Don’t mix up the Steel Door and the IRON Door! The IRON Door is a lifetime product and a totally different animal. I’m not a steel door fan but I love the IRON Doors! The Fiberglass Door is a great product and likely is my #2 pick. Again, it’s always best to call the office 706-965-6940 / and schedule an appointment with Jeremie Price. ([email protected])

I have been told that it will take about a week to change out my front door. Is this really the case?

I cannot say without seeing the project or in the least a couple of photos, but in most cases, it takes “us” about 1 to 2 days to complete a “Front Door Change Out”. Again, it’s always best to call the office 706-965-6940 / and schedule an appointment with Jeremie Price. ([email protected])

Do we sell to the general public?

Yes! We offer full service material and or labor options to walk in clients just as we do for contractors. We invite you to review our product and service lines and compare our pricing to any local retailer. We guarantee the best price in town on all apple to apple comparisons.

How far do we deliver?

We deliver to most any safe location within 100 miles of our store.

What should I bring with me?

Plans (If you have them. If not it's okay)
Pictures of the current situation from several angles.
Rough measurements of the area to be built or the current products in place.
Any pictures or articles that may show us what you like and, in some cases, what you don't like is even more important.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Most of our review meetings are scheduled, however if you don't have an appointment feel free to stop by anyway. There's a good chance we will be able to get to you without much delay. Most meetings last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the project.

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