JB Millworks has an unparalleled combination of capabilities and services to provide for our clients needs. Unlike other companies who primarily specialize in certain products that have been purchased from other vendors and subcontact our customers job to an outside installer.

JB Millworks works with outside sources as well as its own insured, bonded and professional installers. Some of which have been with us since 1995. Our installers are dedicated to providing our clients the best job the industry allows – with friendly personalities.

JB Millworks offers installation on most all products we sell. Our installers have been trained precisely on each product, this ensures the job is done right the first time and all warranties will be upheld to their full potential.

JB Millworks also offers installation guides for all our DIY fans (Do-It-Yourselfers) that need a little help with certain situations that might have them stumped. We provide this for FREE.

Disclaimer: It is JB Millworks LLC policy not to compete with our professional customers, builders and remodelers. Our installation department is designed to fulfill the needs of homeowners that our professional customers cannot fulfill, or choose not to. If we find that we are competing for business with an installer/client, we will decline the install on that job.

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